Contributing Authors of the Scientific Consensus Statement

The statement was drafted by (in alphabetical order): Anthony D. Barnosky, James H. Brown, Gretchen C. Daily, Rodolfo Dirzo, Anne H. Ehrlich, Paul R. Ehrlich, Jussi T. EronenMikael Fortelius, Elizabeth A. Hadly, Estella B. Leopold, Harold A. Mooney, John Peterson Myers, Rosamond L. Naylor, Stephen PalumbiNils Christian Stenseth, Marvalee H. Wake

Within a month, the document was endorsed by 522 scientists specializing in many different disciplines, including two Nobel Prize winners and dozens of members of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences or equivalents in other countries.  Subsequently the list of endorsers rose into the thousands, from all over the world, and more people sign each day.  Become part of this global movement.

Click here for a map of countries represented at the time of statement’s release in of 2013.  Signers from at least 25 more countries were added as of 2018.

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