Who We Are


We started as 16 global change scientists from seven research institutions in three different countries.

Anthony D. BarnoskyJames H. BrownGretchen C. DailyRodolfo DirzoAnne H. EhrlichPaul R. EhrlichJussi T. EronenMikael ForteliusElizabeth A. HadlyEstella B. LeopoldHarold A. MooneyJohn Peterson MyersRosamond L. NaylorStephen PalumbiNils Christian StensethMarvalee H. Wake

We were initially joined by 506 more global change researchers from more than 40 countries in endorsing the Scientific Consensus on Maintaining Humanity's Life Support Systems in the 21st Century: Information for Policy Makers, a number that has now grown to more than 3700 people from  89 countries (as of 2018).

We're trying to communicate what we've learned in the course of working on global-change issues over decades of hands-on research and teaching in our field sites, laboratories, and classrooms.  We're trying to reach outside the Ivory Tower to give information to the people who most need to know: you, your friends, and your leaders.

This website ConsensusForAction is administered by A. D. Barnosky and E. A. Hadly  and is hosted at Stanford University.

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