Tell your legislators that education is the key to dealing with population overgrowth

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Dear [if writing to U.S. Congress pick your legislator from this link]:

I urge you to vote ‘yes’ on legislation that contributes to education and equality of women, including access to health care, contraception, and family planning services. 

These are proven methods of raising standards of living while also humanely reducing birth rates to ‘replacement value’ for each family (approximately 2 children per family) in places where this is not already the case.  Achieving this essential in order to sustain a healthy global economy and environment over our lifetime.

With a reduction in birth rate to replacement rate, the global population will still grow to nearly 10 billion people in our lifetimes before it levels off.  With only a half child more per family (on average), there would be nearly 15 billion people by the end of the century.  If birth rates continued at their present pace, there would be 27 billion people by 2100.

Already billions of people live in poverty and lack adequate food, water, basic sanitation services, and access to basic health care systems.  This is true for millions even in highly affluent countries like the United States.  Addition of billions more people by 2050, and more after that, will make these already-challenging problems even more difficult, if not impossible, to solve.

Earth cannot support a human population of more than 10 billion people at the quality of life we now take for granted, and adding billions more people will greatly diminish our capability of solving the already huge problems facing humanity: climate disruption, extinctions, ecosystem loss, and pollution. 

These statements are not speculation: they are overwhelmingly supported by scientific studies and agreed upon by thousands of scientists from throughout the world, as verified by recent reports from such as Maintaining Humanity’s Life Support Systems in the 21st Century: Information For Policy Makers and World Population Prospects: The 2017 Revision.

Thank you for voting to promote education, adequate health care, and a sustainable economy and environment, which will be an important consideration for me in choosing who to vote for in the next election.


[Your name here]

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